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Rapid test for antigen to coronavirus SARS - CoV - 2
Detects fragments of SARS - CoV - 2 virus proteins to identify individuals with active infection or carriers of the virus.
Biomaterial: smears from the nose and / or throat.
Deadline: up to 30 minutes

Allows you to identify: Person with active infection Carriers of infection that can infect others
Positive result - the person has an active infection with COVID - 19 or is a carrier of the virus.
A negative result means that SARS - CoV - 2 viral proteins have not been detected.

These or any other tests can also be performed at home (UAH 500)

According to the results of tests, you can make an appointment with a doctor and get a consultation. The results of the study (in Ukrainian and English) and the conclusion of the doctor.
Testing for coronavirus SARS - CoV - 2: PCR and ELISA tests
Biomaterial: smears from the nose and / or throat.
Deadline: up to 24 hours (urgent study - 6:00)

Allows you to define:
Аre you a carrier of coronavirus infection
Or do you have a coronavirus infection and is the most relevant and evidence-based test for Covid - 19
Allows you to complete self-isolation if you returned from abroad, because the test results are automatically transmitted to the application "Act at home"

These or any other tests can also be performed at home (UAH 500)

According to the results of tests, you can make an appointment with a doctor and get a consultation. The results of the study (in Ukrainian and English) and the conclusion of the doctor
Test for antibodies to coronavirus
This test shows that the person is in the disease stage or already has formed immunity. However, it does not show how long the immune system acts somewhat to protect against re-infection.

Deadline: up to 48 hours.
Biomaterial: blood samples from a vein.

Allows you to define:
individuals who have experienced the infection in the past, even in the absence of symptoms
a positive reaction to antibodies can help determine the time when there was contact with the infection, because IgM is formed before IgG

These or any other tests can also be performed at home (UAH 500)

According to the results of tests, you can make an appointment with a doctor and get a consultation.
The results of the study (in Ukrainian and English) and the conclusion of the doctor.
PCR. Coronavirus SARS - CoV - 2 (COVID - 19)
Biomaterial: smears from the nose and / or throat.
Deadline: 2 working days

These or any other tests can also be performed at home (UAH 500)

According to the results of tests, you can make an appointment with a doctor and get a consultation.
The results of the study (in Ukrainian and English) and the conclusion of the doctor.
Quantitative determination of neutralizing antibodies SARS - COV - 2
Biomaterial: smears from the nose and / or throat.
Deadline: 1 working day
Deadline: 1 working day

These or any other tests can also be performed at home, (UAH 500)

According to the results of tests, you can make an appointment with a doctor and get a consultation.
The results of the study (in Ukrainian and English) and the conclusion of the doctor.
Deadline: 1 working day

These or any other tests can also be performed at home, (UAH 500)

According to the results of tests, you can make an appointment with a doctor and get a consultation.
The results of the study (in Ukrainian and English) and the conclusion of the doctor.
Free testing for postCOVIDcomplications
Free testing for postCOVIDcomplications
Consultations with our specialists
50% discount on the first consultation
You can conduct an online consultation
Comprehensive analysis and treatment of COVID-19
Comprehensive analysis and treatment of COVID-19
About our clinic
Our goal is to create a special atmosphere of friendliness and comfort for each patient during his stay in the medical center. We strive to change the stereotype of attitudes towards health, medicine and to form a sense of responsibility for their health and life.
The mission of our medical center is to timely, effectively detect, treat and prevent diseases using modern medical technologies. At our clinic we are happy and competent to help people of all ages. In medicine, there is rarely a single correct treatment plan.

We take into account the individual characteristics of the patient. The same treatments affect patients differently, depending on certain factors (genetic and others).
individual approach
professional comprehensive medical care
The guarantee of taking care of your health
Certified specialists
We are about responsibility for your health
Infection with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 can have long-term health consequences. Not only the lungs but also other organ systems, such as the nervous system, heart, kidneys or mental statecan be affected.

In our rehabilitation clinics we specialize in the treatment of these health problems and can help you individually.
Long-term COVID: rehabilitation after
COVID - 19 in Home Clinic
HomeClinic - offersfirst-class care to patients in the field of prevention, including primary pre-med, primary care and primary specialized care and rehabilitation.
Qualified medical staff with an excellent reputation: Our doctors are experts in their fields, providing the highest level of treatment, maintaining close cooperation with colleagues and regularly attending refresher courses
We adapt our care services to your specific and personal needs: We care for our patients in their native language and are ready to help them before, during and after treatment. At HomeClinic you will find comfortable service in a modern atmosphere.
The newest medical equipment: We are constantly improving and updating our medical equipment, thus ensuring modern standards of treatment and quality ofpatientslife.
Qualitative leadership in medicine and examination: Treatment is selected individually for each patient. Thanks to our large network, even rare diseases can be treated without any problems.
Medical tests
Infectious disease doctor, hepatologist
Colposcopy - a method of research used in gynecological practice using a special optical device colposcope with a targeted and detailed examination of the cervix.

The device magnifies the image 8-40 times.

Video colposcopy is a type of advanced digital colposcopy, which is performed using modern equipment equipped with a special photo or video camera.

The equipment allows you to capture the image seen, as well as the reaction of cells in response to the application of reagents. With the help of stored information, the doctor can assess the dynamics of treatment, as well as the rate of disease progression.

During colposcopy, you can make a smear and biopsy of suspicious areas of the mucous membrane. Colposcopy is required in the diagnosis of diseases of the female reproductive system in the early stages. The main purpose of colposcopy is to identify foci of epithelial degeneration into erosion or even neoplasia (precancerous).

Types of colposcopy are divided into simple and advanced.

Simple allows you to visually assess the surface of the cervix, its shape and size, to consider the area of ​​the cervical canal, to determine the boundary of the squamous and high cylindrical epithelium.

The technique of simple and advanced colposcopy differs in that during the extended additional treatment of the cervixwith a solution of acetic acid and Lugol's solution. These methods help to distinguish normal vessels from pathologically altered ones, and also limit the foci of the affected epithelium.

Indications for colposcopy:
adverse cellular changes according to a smear from the cervix;
suspected cancer and other diseases, such as acute warts;
positive test for human papilloma virus;
bleeding after sexual intercourse betweenwomen over 40 years;
bleeding outside menstruation;
chronic inflammatory processes of the cervix;
vaginal discharge and itching;
prolonged lower abdominal pain.

A woman's refusal may be a contraindication to the procedure. Advanced colposcopy should be performed after finding out the history of allergies, in particular, reactions to iodine.

Initial consultation with an obstetrician-gynecologist (examination in a chair, cytological masochism and consultation) - 470 UAH
Repeated consultation with an obstetrician-gynecologist (examination in a chair and consultation) -350UAH 
Colposcopy - 350 UAH
Transvaginal ultrasound - 300 UAH

We ask you to specify the availability of special training for a specific procedure and the price when enrolling in the clinic!
The multifunctional device for SIEMENS ACUSON S2000 ultrasound belongs to high-tech ultrasonic diagnostic systems. The scanner is designed for complex research and differential diagnosis in cases where conventional devices are powerless.

Ultrasoundof lungsis a completely safe and affordable procedure. Ultrasound is more accessible by fluorography or radiography - in contrast to these examinations, ultrasound can be performed even on children or pregnant women. Ultrasound examination of the lungs is advisable in cases where other research methods are not available. For example, if it is a small child or a pregnant woman. If there are alarming symptoms that indicate a pathological process in the lungs, first prescribe ultrasound, because this method is the safest for the body.

Also, the manipulation can be designed to control and monitor the dynamics during treatment. In chronic diseases or long-term disease (eg, bilateral pneumonia or pleurisy), it is not recommended to do X-rays or CT scans too often - it is very harmful to the body and will have side effects. However, it is necessary to monitor the progress of treatment. Ultrasound is used for this purpose.

Abdominal cavity - the study is performed in the morning on an empty stomach, after 10-12 hours of fasting. Due to the increased gas formation in the guts, a three-day diet is recommended, which excludes raw vegetables and fruits, black bread, dairy products, and beans. The reception of "Espumizan", sorbents ("Activated carbon", "Polifepan"), enzyme preparations ("Mezym forte", "Creon") is shown.
Kidneys and bladder - if only the kidneys are examined, no preparation is required.
To examine the bladder, it is necessary that it be filled - it should contain 300-350 ml of fluid (1.5-2 hours before the study, it is recommended to drink 1 liter of any fluid).

Uterus and ovaries - a transabdominal examination requires a well-filled bladder (see Higher). At transvaginal research the bladder has to be empty.

Breasts - preparation is not required, it is recommended to spend on day 5-9 of the menstrual cycle.

Thyroid, thyroid gland - no training required.

Kharkiv,Akhsarovastreet , 19а

+38 050 221 03 03
+38 063 221 03 03
+38 096 2 21 03 03

We ask you to clarify the availability of special training for a specific study and the price when enrolling in the clinic!
Doppler ultrasound or ultrasound is a method of diagnosing vascular diseases. Vascular ultrasound is safe for the patient and has no contraindications. The study is allowed for people of all ages, including children, as well as pregnant women.

Conducting ultrasound
The ultrasound method allows you to assess the patency of the vessels of the extremities, head and neck, and detect changes. Duplex scanning of vessels will also allow you to assess the speed and volume of blood flow, the presence of pathological changes (plaques, blood clots, changes in the structure and diameter of arteries, etc.).

If there are obstructions to blood flow, duplex vascular scanning will help determine the cause and location of the disorder. These data will allow the doctor to correctly diagnose and choose the optimal treatment tactics.

Indications for ultrasound
  • The main evidence for ultrasound and duplex scanning - the suspicion of impaired blood flow in the vessels of the extremities, neck and head.
  • Among the symptoms that may alert the doctor, there are:
  • frequent dizziness; headaches;
  • increased fatigue;
  • impaired attention and memory;
  • numbness of the extremities;
  • changes in pigmentation (color) of the skin;
  • vascular "asterisks" and strengthening of the vascular pattern;
  • convulsions; Unconscious states;
  • migraine;
  • blood pressure disorders;
  • tinnitus;
  • vision impairment;
  • vegetative dystonia;
  • meteorological dependence;
  • sleep disorders;
  • in children - developmental delays, difficulty concentrating.

Results of ultrasound of vessels

Ultrasound diagnostic methods detect changes in the structure of blood vessels, which affect the patency and speed of blood flow.

  • The results of ultrasound or duplex scanning are important for diagnosis:
  • anomalies (features) of vascular development;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • stenosis;
  • aneurysms;
  • angiodystonia of the vessels of the brain;
  • cerebral ischemia;
  • encephalopathy, etc.

After receiving the results of ultrasound of blood vessels, the doctor diagnoses the disease and prescribes treatment based on individual characteristics and medical history of the patient.
What is a Holter monitor?
Holter monitoring is a device that records your heartbeat. It contains electrodes, wires and a small machine that attaches to your belt.

Why do you need a Holter monitor?
You may need Holter monitoring if your doctor thinks you have a problem with your heart rate or rhythm. You may have symptoms such as:
  • faint
  • dizziness
  • confused breathing
  • chest pain
  • Irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia)

Even if you had an ECG, you may still need a Holter monitor. ECGs only monitor your heartbeat for a short time - which is not always enough to detect a potential problem.

What are the risks of a Holter monitor?
Holter monitoring is a safe and painless test without significant risks. Some people experience minor skin irritation due to the sticky dots (electrodes) used to monitor the heartbeat.

How do I prepare for Holter monitoring?
You don't have to do much to prepare, but you will need to take a shower. After installation of the Holter monitor it cannot be wetted or removed. Chest hair may need to be shaved so that the electrodes adhere better to the skin.

What happens during Holter monitoring?
Holter monitoring is a very simple procedure:

The electrodes are stuck to the chest. The electrodes are connected to a small Holter machine. You will be shown how to attach the device to clothing. While the device is installed, you need:
Wear it during regular activities Always keep it on, even during sleep Never take it off Keep a diary of all your daily activities and the time you did them. Write down all the specific symptoms you experience (dizziness, delirium, chest pain, shortness of breath).

What happens after a Holter monitor?
In one or two days you will return to the doctor's office with your diary. Your doctor will remove the Holter monitor, discuss your results and recommend an appropriate treatment plan to help you manage your symptoms in the future.
Dermatoscopy is a modern method used to diagnose various tumors on the skin. Thanks to him, the specialist is able to see the changes that occur in the tumor in the early stages of rebirth. Thus, even before the onset of symptoms, the doctor may see the development of a malignant tumor.

Indications for dermatoscopy:
  • appearance of pigmented nevi, moles, hemangiomas or angiomas
  • diagnosing cancers on the skin
  • diagnosis of keratoma or solar keratosis
  • diagnosis of papillomas, warts

In what situations does the doctor recommend dermatoscopy?
  • If a new mole appears on the patient's body, which is characterized by rapid growth, or the old mole began to change (itching, peeling).
  • If the patient inadvertently injured the nevus.
  • The patient has decided to remove the convex mole on the face or other part of the body and wants to make sure that the tumor is benign.
  • If a person has a lot of moles and new nevi are constantly appearing.
  • The patient's relatives had skin cancer / melanoma.
  • The congenital nevus is in a place where it is constantly rubbed with clothes, and from time to time it becomes inflamed.

The procedure does not take much time and is absolutely painless. It takes up to 5 minutes for one mole. If there is a suspicion of oncology, an additional examination is performed - after a while moles are re-photographed to see the dynamics of changes, to compare images. If the malignancy of the skin is confirmed, the patient goes for surgical treatment immediately.

Here you can pass tests for hormones and latent infections, biochemical and clinical tests, tests for tumor markers - quickly, efficiently and confidentially.
The result of most tests - in 1 day.
We ask you to clarify the availability of special preparation for a specific analysis when enrolling in the clinic!
The price may differ from that on the site, check by phone
Services at home
Call the doctor home
750 UAH + road
Dropper at home
750 UAH + road
Electrocardiogram at home
500 UAH + 500 departure
Collection of tests at home
500UAH + cost of tests
Security in our clinic
The institution has established a system of professional cleaning, safe waste management, created conditions for quality safe medical care for patients and staff - all the requirements of the current sanitary - hygienic and anti-epidemic regimes are done. Highly qualified assistance in the field of organization and control over observance of the sanitary legislation is carried out by the doctor - the epidemiologist of the first category with experience of work in medical outposts more than 15 years Ponomareva Natalia Sergeevna
I need to go to the hospital, but am I really safe from the Crown? We say "YES"! The Home Clinic safety concept includes 10 measures that protect patients, visitors and staff from Corona.
Feeling safe with Home Clinic
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Partners and certification
Questions / answers
What are the contraindications to coronavirus vaccination?
- hypersensitivity to any component of the vaccine or to a vaccine containing similar components;
- severe allergic reactions in the anamnesis;
- acute infectious and non-infectious diseases;
- exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Vaccination is carried out not earlier than 2-4 weeks after recovery or remission; - pregnancy and breastfeeding; - age up to 18 years.
What are the indications for coronavirus vaccination?
All people over the age of 18 who have no contraindications should be vaccinated. This will reduce the risk of infection.
What to do if you have a fever after vaccination?
After vaccination, individual reactions of the body are possible. The temperature may rise in the first three days after vaccination. If you have a high temperature and feel unwell, you need to see a doctor.
Is the vaccine effective?
The vaccine develops immunity to the disease. The efficacy and safety of the vaccine are clinically proven.
When to go for an online consultation with a gynecologist?
Pain in the lower abdomen.
Irregular menstrual cycle.
Change in the duration and amount of blood released.
Problems with conception.
Pregnancy planning.
Choice of method of contraception.
Sudden attacks of heat, rapid heartbeat, profuse sweating, increased blood pressure and other manifestations of menopause.
Nervousness before menstruation, discomfort in the mammary glands, constant headaches.
Itching, burningin the intimate area.
Accelerated and painful urge to urinate.
Painful intercourse.
Pathological discharge from the vagina.
How to prepare for an appointment with a gynecologist?
We recommend that you write down in advance everything you want to ask during the consultation with a female doctor. You will simply orient yourself if you have the following information: accurate indicators of biometric parameters; date of last menstruation; the names of the medicines you are taking or when you have completed the course of treatment; body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate; during pregnancy: abdominal measurements.
How is an online consultation with a gynecologistgoing?
You describe your problem, answer the clarifying questions of our specialist, who will form an idea of ​​a possible diagnosis. Not always the changed indicators testify to existence of pathology, and, on the contrary. A practicing obstetrician-gynecologist will pay attention to: the urgency of going to the clinic; typical changes in test results; conducting an additional examination. Please note that the final diagnosis can be established only after an eye examination and consultation with a doctor!
How to vaccinate a frequently ill child?
SARS or other diseases should not affect the child's vaccination. Often sick children need vaccination, perhaps even more than non-sick children. To clarify the immune status of the child, the general condition before vaccination, you need to conduct a laboratory diagnosis, namely: clinical blood and urine tests, as well as other tests if necessary, and after examination by a pediatrician, make an individual vaccination schedule. All this can be done in a home clinic - HomeClinic.
Causes of anal fissures?
There are a number of factors that contribute to the appearance of anal fissures.
These include:
* Locks. Constant defecation with solid fecal masses will respond with the appearance of microcracks and damage to anal tissues. At the time when a person tightens, the pressure in the anus increases, as a result of which tissues may rupture and cracks may form.
* Proctitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane). Inflammatory processes make the mucous membrane less strong and, therefore, more vulnerable to injury by fecal masses.
* Childbirth. The mucous membrane may crack as a result of too active efforts, the use of vacuum and other manipulations.
* Improper nutrition. If the food (nuts, seeds, etc.) is poorly chewed, it may not be fully digested in the future.
* Sharp pieces of food that remain as a result, can damage the mucous membrane during defecation.
* Increased power loads;
* Sedentary work;
* Examination of the gutsthrough the anus;
* Anal sex;
* Unbalanced diet - excessive consumption of spicyfoodand alcohol
Can we cure hepatitis C?
We can safely say: Chronic hepatitis C is a curable disease

Achieving a sustained virological response is associated with the possible complete elimination of the virus and cessation of disease progression. More than 95% of people with hepatitis C within 3-6 months of antiviral treatment can be completely free of the virus.
Vaccination - how to prepare and what you need to know?
Vaccination is a simple and effective way to protect a child from disease. At the same time before vaccination should be properly prepared and carefully monitor the baby in the first days after.

At the very beginning of life, when a child is very vulnerable, vaccinations protect him from a number of the most dangerous diseases, such as diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, tuberculosis. Vaccination allows you to produce protective immune antibodies. After vaccination, if a pathogen enters a child's body, the protective antibodies kill and neutralize the pathogen. In Ukraine, the vaccination calendar includes 15 vaccines. The first vaccinations are given to the baby in the maternity hospital, then, starting at the age of 3 months in accordance with the National Vaccination Calendar.
How to prepare for vaccination?
Before vaccination, the main thing is that the child was healthy. It is necessary to pass the general analysis of blood and urine. Normal test results indicate that the child is healthy. 5-7 days before and after vaccination, you can not introduce new complementary foods.

It is important that no one around the baby is sick, because you can get vaccinated during the incubation period of the disease that begins.

On the day of vaccination before each vaccination, the child should be examined by a pediatrician, body temperature, blood and urine tests, ask the mother about the baby's behavior, diseases in recent months before vaccination, fever, allergic reactions, injuries, operations, contact with infectious patients. The child's well-being is important in the previous days and on the day of vaccination. The mother should inform the pediatrician about all important aspects of the child's health. Pediatricians may recommend that children with allergic reactions be prepared for vaccination.
Contraindications to vaccination?
There are absolute and relative contraindications to vaccination.

Absolute contraindications include: Immunodeficiency. Immunodeficiency can be primary (hereditary) and secondary (caused by the disease).

Severe reaction to the introduction of the same vaccine, such as - a rise in body temperature above 40 °
With more than 3 days;
edema (infiltrate) more than 8 centimeters in diameter at the injection site, hyperemia more than 3 hours.
Complications with the previous dose of the same vaccine (anaphylactic shock, collapse, encephalitis, convulsions on the background of normal body temperature).

Relative contraindications include:

Acute respiratory viral disease (SARS), occurring with high fever. In such cases, routine vaccination is postponed for 1-4 weeks until recovery.
Exacerbation of chronic disease (diabetes, chronic kidney disease).
Vaccination is carried out only in remission and after consultation with a specialist.
Scheduled vaccination is postponed for 3 months if the child received a blood transfusion or immunoglobulins
Begin to vaccinate all vaccines premature baby, if he/she is gaining weight well.

False contraindications - conditions that are unjustifiably and unreasonably included in the category of contraindications to vaccinations.

These include:
Intestinal dysbacteriosis,
urinary tract infection,
thymomegaly (enlargement of the thymus gland),
perinatal encephalopathy,
atopic dermatitis,
some congenital diseases.

In all cases, the question of contraindications to vaccination should be decided by a doctor!
What to do with a removed tick?
The removed tick must be taken to the laboratory for analysis for the presence of the causative agent of tick-borne encephalitis and borreliosis.
Ticks should be placed in a clean container (test tube, bubble, jar, etc.), in which, in order to create high humidity, pre-place slightly moistened with water hygroscopic paper (filter, paper towel, etc.).
You can bring a tick to us, and we examine it for infections.Strong health!
The first year of a child's life - which doctors will need to visit with the child?
The first year is a very important time for the baby and parents. Probably, this year will be the biggest by visiting times to the clinic, because now the observation of doctors for all systems of the child's body is extremely important. We will tell you how to build a schedule of visits to specialists and what tests will have to pass.

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Pediatrician - This is the main doctor who should be visited every month during the first year of life. The task of the pediatrician is to observe the general development of the baby and his condition. At the reception the baby will be weighed, his height, head and chest volume, temperature will be measured. In the first two or three months, the pediatrician will also assess the condition of the fontaneland navel. It is the pediatrician who may recommend any additional examinations if necessary.

Neurologist - An appointment with a neurologist should take place in the first, third, sixth and twelfth month of a child's life. In the care of a neurologist - the development of the nervous system. The doctor will monitor the formation of the nervous system, brainand mental development. In the first months, special attention will be paid to innate reflexes.

Orthopedist - An orthopedic examination is required in the first, third, sixth and twelfth month of a baby's life. The competence of this doctor is the development of the retarded muscular system and hip joints. If necessary, this doctor will help in the early stages to correct clubfoot, flat feet, posture problems and other complications of the musculoskeletal system.

Ophthalmologist - Visits to the ophthalmologist are required in the first and twelfth month. The doctor will check the condition of the baby's eyes - check for strabismus, myopia, astigmatism and other disorders.

Surgeon - You will need to visit a surgeon in the first and twelfth month of a child's life. This doctor conducts a complete examination, assessing possible deviations. The surgeon monitors the condition of the umbilical ring, chest and abdomen, genitourinary system.