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Oxygen concentrator. Rental of oxygen concentrator in Kharkov.

What is an oxygen concentrator?
An apparatus that releases oxygen from atmospheric air by passing it through a so-called molecular sieve. The air we breathe contains only 21% oxygen. Patient COVID - 19 is shown oxygen therapy with 95-97% oxygen.

Oxygen supply mechanism
  • Room air passes through a concentrator, which traps nitrogen molecules and passes oxygen molecules.
  • A person inhales oxygen through a nasal cannula or mask.
  • The concentrator supplies oxygen at a concentration of 95-97%.
  • Oxygen concentrators help in conditions when saturation (oxygen content in the blood) is just beginning to decline. When the situation has worsened, and the saturation is 80% or less, the patient needs immediate hospitalization.
  • Timely oxygen therapy does not allow to reach such a state.

Warning! Treatment with oxygen therapy only under medical supervision!
Self-treatment with an oxygen generator can worsen the condition and is prohibited!
These or any other tests can also be performed at home (UAH 500)
According to the results of tests, you can make an appointment with a doctor and get a consultation.